Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Number Sixty Nine

In the great emptiness before anything, before consciousness, there was only hunger, the craving a vacuum has to be filled.  Nothingness demanded something.  And in that hunger, in that demand, was the flint spark, the source of first energy.

Energy comes from nothing; energy is the inevitable outcome of absolute emptiness.

Inherent in energy is the drive to see, to observe.  Energy evolves toward thought, toward consciousness.  Consciousness is the inevitable outcome, the necessary consequence of energy.

Consciousness creates matter.  Just as there is no consciousness without energy, there is no matter without thought.  Thought is the portal through which energy becomes a cosmos.

The thought that creates is a thing called god.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Number Sixty Eight

Trees rise into the darkness, branches disappearing into night.  What was apparent by day now becomes hidden.  What we knew in the light is lost.

And this loss is the source of fear, where we begin to feel alone.  So to live this long night, the lightless time from birth to death, we rut paths for the blind.  Often they lead to cliffs, to last shouts before the fall.

The trees rise into darkness.  The purpose we arrived with, so clear in the moment before we came, is without illumination. The way now is not forward, but to be still.  To listen.  Without light there is only the sound of breath.  Of the heart.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Number Sixty Seven

As children, our days are made for us.  We react to what each moment brings, captive of the pleasure or the pain.  The development of a soul -- in the arc of a single life, and over many lives -- grows from choices.  Events don't matter.  The narrative does not matter.  The response to each event is what matters.  The moment of choice -- the path that forks toward love or compensatory acts, toward a sense of thou or mere pain management -- is what matters.  Choosing is the highest form of human consciousness.