Monday, February 25, 2013

Number Eighty One

At a certain point, as a universe expands, the distances become too great for relationship, for cohesion and connection, for objects to have influence on each other. In that environment, cause and effect dies, and consciousness cannot grow.

The distance between incarnate souls, as that between stars, is subject to strict laws of entropy. The distance between souls will expand, due to cruelty and damage, until there is a complete loss of relationship, of connection, of influence.  Each soul is then alone, flying like some lost planet through the dark.

The distance between souls expands as cruelty breaks attachment, as it destroys emotional gravity.  In that environment, consciousness can no longer grow because love is impossible.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Number Eighty

We are lost inside our bodies.  Alone, exiled from true belonging.  Everything we talk about is driven by a hope for connection.  We are caught in the chemistry and nervous system of a creature who fights and runs, whose brain evolved to foresee danger and separate experience into good and bad.  Our minds, judging and predicting, trap us in a binary world -- safe/dangerous, right/wrong, good for me/bad for me, lose/keep.

We do what we know how to do.  We reach with words, we hit, we hurt, we run.  We try -- with only our eyes and minds -- to see, to find the "whole."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Number Seventy Nine

Each universe leaves its mark on consciousness.  And on god, the sum of all consciousness.  Each universe is a step in god's evolution, as consciousness collects what was learned in order to create the next big bang.

What is awake, learns.  God is awake.  God is every conscious soul learning.  God is not perfect because we aren't perfect.  God will never be perfect.  God creates in order to learn.  Each universe is inhabited by a bigger, more conscious god.