Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Number Fifteen

We speak of spending time as if time were a bag of coins.  A kind of wealth that someday will be lost.  Death makes time look finite, something we run out of.

Time is change.  Without change there is no way to mark time -- whether measured by the drifting of continents or the moving hands of a clock.  In the physical world, time is the movement or breaking down and recombining of molecules. For souls, time is measured by what is learned -- the transformation from empty slate to a holder of knowledge.

Death can't stop time for the soul.  Souls collectively hold all of experience, gathering everything that is or will be known.  Souls are the books in a library that is god.  Each book continually grows, changes.  It never stops, and time goes on.

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  1. The scary thing about time for me is living long enough for the slate of knowledge to start becoming more empty instead of more full.