Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Number Forty Seven

Loving the moment is embracing, with equal measure, the doubt and the certainty, the loss and the connection, the sin and the sacrifice, the fear and the courage.  Loving the flaws protects us from being the flaws.  Seeing the beautiful pain and opening to its perfection, keeps it from defining us.  The more we love the dark, the more we live in the light.

The pettiness, the anger, the selfishness, the cruelty must be seen and loved.  If these parts of the self are rejected and made "not me," they grow to envelop, to become the self.  The way to the divine always leads through what is wrong, what we are desperate not to be.

There is nothing at the end that wasn't at the beginning.  Each thought, each feeling that is banished becomes a monster that we feed.  We nourish them with fear, disgust, shame, and -- most of all -- avoidance.  The things we fear to think and feel grow large.  Haunting and powerful.  Until they become nearly everything there is.

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