Monday, August 27, 2012

Number Sixty Six

Moral judgment is the curse of human consciousness.  The evaluation of right-wrong, good-bad creates the illusion that each soul is on a mission to prove itself worthy.  To be saved.  To be granted entry to some heaven.

Moral judgment is the creation of those who seek to manipulate others.  From parents who declare a child bad in order to control behavior, to churches and governments that preach moral principles to control the flock or citizenry, the concept of morality is an invention of those who seek power.

The only judgment that is useful is this question -- What behavior is in alignment with life purpose?  Does what I am doing support or undermine the reason I came here?  In the end, whatever we do works or doesn't work to help us -- and the souls around us -- find the truth and wisdom we came to seek.

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