Friday, January 25, 2013

Number Seventy Eight

There are two kinds of knowledge -- explicit and implicit, what is seen and what is sensed.  We know a tree has green leaves.  We sense a principle of life, a form of consciousness in the spreading limbs. If we listen, we sense the possibility of relationship to the tree.

Implicit knowledge is the whispering of our own wisdom, gleaned from many lives.  Implicit knowledge also comes from listening to the twitter of the Noosphere, the sound of all souls conversing.

A gun is blue steel.  A hand touching your face is soft and warm.  We know this, with explicit clarity.  Beyond what the senses tell, the mind enters a world of shadows.  The implicit world.  In this world concepts and ideas collapse.  They become like Styrofoam, brittle and insubstantial. Implicit knowledge comes from listening without sound.  To the deepest truth of the relationship between things.  Meditation was invented to learn the implicit truth.

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