Friday, April 12, 2013

Number Eighty Three

"Dear god...Did you make mankind after we made you?"  XTC

Did consciousness create god or did god create consciousness?  Did some primordial awareness precede god, or did god kindle all of conscious knowing? Two syllogisms:

     1. All consciousness evolves and learns.  God is conscious.  Therefore god has evolved.
     2.  What evolves grows from a state of pre-existence (what it was before taking its current form) into higher and higher forms.  Therefore god did not always exist. God evolved from pre-existence into higher and higher forms.

If we define god as a level of consciousness that can create something out of nothing, then we might also say that consciousness grew from nothing into the creator of everything.  Therefore:

We are part of the whole -- the whole of all evolving consciousness.  We made god and god made us.

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